Wednesday, January 19, 2011



There was no way I was staying at that B&B any longer than I had to. As puny as I felt, I hailed a taxi and headed for the downtown area to search for new accommodations. I began walking the streets, stopping to rest every chance I had.

I checked out rooms that were similarly priced to what we had paid and upwards to the equivalent of $120.00 – 150.00 US per night. The rooms that were similarly priced all had their faults, some more serious than others. In many ways, it would have been like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The rooms for $120.00 per night and up were nice, but out of my price range for a two-week stay. I did find some nicer mid-priced rooms but availability became a big problem. I could stay one night here, two nights there, one here, and so on. Physically, I just wasn’t up to moving every other day. It was at this point that I began to get a bit concerned.

Then, I remembered that 2 years ago Thanksgiving, I stayed at a private home that was rented by my friends via a house exchange. It was nothing less than great! I had the property manager’s phone number and gave her a call. I explained my situation, the sad story about my travel companion being robbed, my current state of ill health, etc., and so on, and learned that the house was available and I could have it. I readily accepted and we agreed on a fair price. The only catch was, it was such short notice that there would be a problem getting the cleaning crew over there before I needed to move in. I said that wouldn’t be a problem for me and I understand that it may need a good cleaning but I am alone and know the house and the cleaning crew could work around me. I didn’t mind. It was agreed. The property manager came over and began the initial cleaning and I moved in Christmas Eve day while she was there. Two days later, the cleaning crew showed up and went to town! I paid them extra to stockpile some firewood for me as I was unable to do so for myself.

The house was exceptionally nice, situated at the top of a hill and built in the side of that same hill.
It was completely furnished and well-appointed and included pots, pans, dishes, linens, washer, dryer, etc., and had two floors, but looked like a tri-level. There were 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, storage rooms, laundry room, pantry, and a huge open country style kitchen, living room, and dining room. But most importantly, there were 3 fireplaces to keep you warm. Having stayed there previously, I had no problem settling in and feeling right at home. Wow, what a difference I thought, and just a few dollars more than the B&B from hell.

Not wanting to spend my entire vacation alone and not feeling well, I called my travel companion and invited her to come back and stay for a while, but she just wasn’t interested in doing so because of what happened to her. I then called Luis and he was more than anxious to go! Getting a ticket over Christmas was a bit difficult, but he managed to arrive on the 28th of December, which was fine with me. When he got out of the cab, he was a welcomed sight for sore eyes, that’s for sure!

I had already claimed the day bed in the living room by the fireplace, so Luis claimed the bedroom on the first floor that also had a fireplace. It was really cold there and you definitely needed a fireplace in the evenings and early mornings to get the chill out of the air. There was plenty of hot water that you only had to wait for about 10 seconds for, and just about every other luxury you could imagine. Oh! There were no plastic tables and chairs to be found anywhere! What a great find this rustic, wonderful home turned out to be. I’d go back tomorrow if I could. (And, I want to!)

Continuing to feel poorly, I finally gave in and went to the doctor. He (and I) determined that I had some sort of an intestinal infection that was the source of all my woes. He gave me 5 prescription medications. I filled only 3 of the 5, knowing that 2 of them were not effective for me having had them previously. The main prescription that got me on the road to feeling better was a very strong antibiotic, Levoquin. I took it and the other meds faithfully, and did start to feel a bit better.

I was able to get out and about and I took approximately 250+ pictures while in San Cristobal, and will share some of the better ones with you in my next posts. Stay tuned for lots of pictures and more on this Diversion Excursion!
To be continued with lots of photographs!!!

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  1. that house is gorgeous-what a terrific change for you. glad you remembered it in time so as not to have your whole vacation ruined. those first few days sure sounded awful. i look forward to seeing the pix.

    teresa in lake stevens