Friday, March 6, 2009


My Dad always worked in the food and beverage industry, and often partnered with his brother, my Uncle Mike. Together, they either owned, or managed, nicer restaurants and bars. I remember that Dad would always dress properly for work. His standard attire was black dress slacks, a freshly pressed white shirt (very light starch) with French cuffs, and a black bow tie that he tied himself! (I never did get the hang of that.)

Dad was always one of those people hard to buy for at Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. However, he did have somewhat of a passion for cuff links! That really made it easy on us! Over the years, he amassed a collection of probably 30 pairs of cuff links and an equal amount of tie tacks and tie bars! Some were plain, others were fancy. There were silver ones, gold ones, and gaudy ones, too! He enjoyed them all immensely, wore every pair of cuff links he ever owned, and the best part was that they were real easy to buy and wrap!

When Dad passed away 9 years ago, that collection of cuff links and assorted tie tacks and tie bars went to me (the only child) as did the jewelry box I had special ordered and crafted for him in 1965 when I was living in Peshawar, West Pakistan. Personally, I haven’t worn French cuffs in years and years, but decided I’d keep the majority of those wonderful, memorable treasures and just knew that one day, I’d have a use for a pair of those cuff links or tie tacks/bars.

That day has come! Here in Merida, Guyabera shirts are always popular and you are considered “well dressed” when wearing one! I decided it was time for me to get down and go a little bit “native”. So, off I went to the local shirt factory and got measured for a long sleeve, dress Guyabera, with French cuffs! I opted for the color black as I knew it would set the cuff links off better and they’d be more noticeable! And I will wear it! (Somewhere, someday!)

So, here’s to you, Dad! And thanks for this memorable stroll and adventure down memory lane.