Monday, August 10, 2009


I read my blog on the Riviera Maya and just couldn’t resist going back there!

I have an extended/adopted family here in Merida and decided to take my housekeeper’s youngest, Janet (age 10). What an absolute delight she is to be around. So, it was Janet, her uncle, and me! I should mention that children under 12 are free! All I had to do was pay for her bus fare which was around 300 pesos. What a deal and what a thrill for her!

When I checked in, I asked for, and received, a wonderful room with two double beds, and they brought in an extra bed to accommodate Janet! No extra charge, either. I mentioned to the very nice young lady that checked me in that this was my second trip there and I sure wouldn’t mind having a first-floor room on the ocean side with a view. Poof! I got it with no problems! Talk about a room with a view! The balcony overlooked a beautiful white sandy beach lined with about 200 beach lounge chairs, and right smack dab on the magnificent Caribbean!

The staff mentioned to me that the 1,000 rooms were all taken for the weekend and they had 2,600 guests! Wow! Hard to visualize. Even with that many people there, it never once seemed crowded. I did notice that we had to wait an extra minute or two for transportation, but that was no problem. Also, there was no “free-flowing” lobster on the menu this time! I presume it would be difficult to give out lobster to 2,600 people. Instead of lobster, I ate my fair share of jumbo (emphasis on the word “large”) prawns, shrimp of all kinds, calamar, fish, ceviches, etc., and so on. The last night there we dined at the Steak House and had mar y tierra (surf and turf)! The filet mignon was so tender that you just had to look at it and it fell apart. The lobster tail was sweet and succulent, cooked to perfection.

We took in two very entertaining shows and enjoyed them both tremendously. As usual, the entire staff was happy, helpful, and went out of their way to accomodate you. Needless to say, we all had a wonderful time (again), and I would definitely go back.

I am going to stop reading my blogs and stay home!

Life is good.