Sunday, July 19, 2009


Most neighborhoods in Merida have a park or playground area for families to enjoy, sponsored by City and State Governments, and free of charge. There are also several other recreational compounds located throughout the city that cater more to adults and offer a large variety of free activities to help keep you fit and well.

My doctor wanted me to walk at least 30 minutes every day to help with my diet (perpetual) and for general health reasons. I chose to walk at the sports compound not too far from my home in Centro called Deportivo Salvador Alvarado. This great sports complex was founded February 1, 1939; almost 70 years ago! Wow! And it is still going strong and looking good! I hope that when I’m 70 people will say the same about me!

There are organized activities such as water polo, volleyball, basketball tournaments, and the like, and I even know one woman who goes there for salsa (dancing, not cooking) lessons! There are ample places to walk, jog, run, play tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, racquetball, handball, track and field activities, weight rooms, exercise equipment, rest rooms, showers, you name it. The list is quite long and I’m sure I forgot something! Oh, and yes – there is an Olympic sized swimming pool, too!

There is a nominal fee for some organized activities, but otherwise everything is free of charge thanks to the Government of the State of Yucatan. My hat is off to them as they are doing a great job in this area. They also provide a grounds crew on premises that keeps the place immaculately clean.

The photos below were taken on a Sunday afternoon between 12:00 and 1:00. The compound was all but deserted because of the hell-hot noon day sun. I walk there every morning between 6:30 and 7:00 AM, and the place is full! I figure it is best to go early to beat the heat so the heat doesn’t beat you! There are lots of folks who think just like me. The facility is open from 6 AM to 11 PM, so you have a large window in which to participate in your favorite activity and stay fit!

You have a choice of which type of track you prefer to walk on. One is paved with asphalt, the other is compacted sand and finely ground stones (of sorts). For me, the latter provides an easier, lower impact surface on which to walk and is lined with mature trees and bushes that provide welcomed shade at any time of day.

There is a great track and field area if that's your thing!

Racquetball and handball courts fill up early in the morning but are deserted at high noon.

There's lots of outdoor gym equipment and even a small weight room to enjoy.

I'm not a basketball player nor an aficionado, but I saw no potential NBA talent on the courts, but I have witnessed lots of people having lots of fun shooting hoops!

Tennis anyone?? There's ample lighting for nightime enjoyment and exercise.

And when you're done with your favorite activities, how about a nice cool dip in an olympic sized swimming pool? There are two diving boards. The type you have to climb up to - no thanks!

And here's a picture of Mikey's favorite sporting activity. What you do is, find a nice comfortable area to plop in while watching your favorite sports activity, and you perform a good brisk sit!

If you're in Merida or come here for a visit and decide to take an early morning walk around the track, be sure to say hello as you pass me by! And again, thanks to the Mexican Government for providing and maintaining this great sports complex. It is appreciated by all who use it.


  1. Nice photos! Good luck with your exercise program. Seems like you have found the perfect spot. I am excited to see the tennis courts. Need to give those a try some time.


  2. What a great promo/c'mon over you've written and pictured for Merida. I love articles like this - you've combined decent-sized written portion with matching photos and insight into your Meridian life. Mil gracias!

  3. how lucky are the people in Merida, I wish I could live there to practice one of those sports and work out every day, it would be so good to my health and for me in general

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