Thursday, February 12, 2009

Diversion Excursion: Tixkokob, Yucatan, Mexico

Here in the Yucatan, our temperatures reach “hell-hot” in the summer months and air conditioning for most of us Gringos is a necessity, not a luxury. The locals, on the other hand, fight the heat in different ways. For example, we Gringos prefer sleeping in a bed, while the locals, from the poorest to the richest, usually prefer sleeping in a hammock!

The hammock hawkers roam the streets of downtown Merida where the tourists frequent and sell their wares. Hammocks make great souvenirs and are easy to pack in a suitcase – no worries about breakage!

There is a little pueblo, Tixkokob, less than one hour from Merida that is well-known for its hammocks, all of which are hand made! Quality varies as do prices. We decided to take a trip there to buy some hammocks and look around to see if we could get into any trouble!

We found plenty of hammocks to buy, but not too much trouble. Because it was on the warmer side, we decided to stop in to a cantina and have a few cold beers to freshen us up! We got freshened! We enjoyed some ice cold beer and snacked on prepared pigs ears! Sounds a bit gross, but they are good when prepared properly. They’re especially good when you wash them down with a cold one! (or two!)

But buying hammocks was the most fun! They vary in quality from the very fine (about $50.00 US), to the “serviceable” (about $20.00 US). They have hammocks to sleep in, sit in, rest your feet on, and the color schemes are endless. Some are nylon, others are cotton, and still others are made from various synthetic fibers. Nylon usually lasts the longest, is easier to clean, and holds its color better than cotton. However, some people say that the nylon hammocks are a bit warmer than the cotton ones. I guess it all boils down to personal choice, but most folks swear that it is cooler to sleep in a hammock than a bed because of the way the hammock is made with the open-weave designs.

Personally, I have a fear of falling out of one of the damn things so I sleep in a bed in an air conditioned bedroom with a ceiling fan and a floor fan (when needed)! No hammocks for me, but I know that I am in the absolute smallest of minorities here in the Yucatan!

There are several interesting shops to visit, and one store even sells all the supplies you would ever need to make your very own hammock! Lots of luck! It's easier to buy one already made and your chances of survival are greatly increased!
A nice little trip, interesting shops, great prices for quality handmade merchandise, and the beer was ice cold! Life is good!!


  1. I think you really mean you polar bears in gringo clothing need to have ac. I do okay most of the year with out it, but I do admit that we have slept on the roof when it's really warm at night!
    Nice photos,

  2. I was trying to send you a comment. These are really good blogs and interesting. Let's see if this comment makes it. Barb

  3. I'm sending another to try to figure this out. Bear with me while I experiment. barb

  4. Thanks to Theresa, I just discovered your blog and have added it to my favorites. I like your Diversion Excursions idea - very clever.

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  5. I've lived long time in Mexico D.F and I can say we can get so much fun there and women are beautiful, also I could going to different "Antros" as they call it.

  6. I bought once a queen size hammock at Merida for about 35 dollars and lasted for more than 5 years on a daily use. A great bargain made at downtown ;)