Sunday, November 25, 2012


I have recently been thinking of all the wonderful things there are to be thankful for while living here in Merida.  Mind you, it is not “cheap” to live here, but you do get a bigger bang for your buck on many items.

I live on a budget but do take the opportunity to splurge on myself whenever I can.  For example, I have a massage therapist come to my home twice a week and I receive physical therapy and massage therapy.  He is a licensed professional (four year college graduate) and does a great job.  His charge is 150 pesos for one hour.  150 pesos is the approximate equivalent of $11.50 US.

The other day, I went for a haircut, shave, and manicure.  Each service cost 90 pesos, or the approximate equivalent of $7.00 US.  There are many places that charge less, but you get what you pay for.  I normally only get a shave and a haircut, but there was a new girl in the shop just starting out so I thought I’d help her out a bit and give her some business by having a manicure.  I rarely get a manicure, but I actually enjoyed the pampering.  While getting my manicure, Evelyn was cutting my hair.  Afterwards, I received a facial cleansing and light facial massage with a skin treatment prior to my shave.  After the shave, more facial cleansing, a bit of gel for my hair, and I was on my way, feeling like a million dollars.  All of this cost only $21.00, plus tips of course.  How can you afford not to pamper yourself every now and then?  I cannot imagine what such services would cost in the US or Canada, but I’m sure it would definitely be more than $21.00 US.

Having had an on-again, off-again, stomach flu bug for the past two weeks, I decided to go to the doctor.  Most local pharmacies, have a doctor on staff.  They are usually young and just starting out, but nonetheless, they are medical school graduates.  I knew I needed an antibiotic to get rid of this bug I had and explained my symptoms to the young doctor.  He diagnosed me with an intestinal inflammation and gave me a script for an antibiotic, cipro.  His charge:  zero/nothing/nada!  His services are a courtesey of the pharmacy.  I went to the pharmacy to fill my script and the medication cost only a few dollars.  Total charge for doctor’s visit and medications was approximately $11.00. 

So yes, there are some tremendous advantages of living here in Merida.  But realize that, comparatively speaking, not everything is so inexpensive.  There are lots of items that cost more here than in the States.  Food prices keep going up and up, as does gasoline.  Electricity is another big ticket item, too, as are most electronics.  But, after all is said and done, you can live comfortably here, even on a fixed income.

Life is good here in Merida and I am grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me.


  1. Mikey, I couldn't have said it better myself! Yeah, some stuff isn't cheap. However overall our quality of life here is so much better. Wow, you get an even better deal on your massage than we do! We pay $350 per hour(she also comes to the house) and is excellent too.
    I hope you are feeling better.


  2. It is amazing isn't it, and it always baffles people when we say it actually costs us a bit more here than it did in the US. But we've always lived a frugal life, which of course is how we were able to retire in our 50's.

    That's another thing that baffles me, peole asking 'can I live there on 1000dollars a month', YEAH! if you can where you are on that amount you can live here on that amount.

    I too use those pharmacy doctors, I usually know what's going on, but a dr must prescribe certain things, of course if I had no clue I might look for a more seasoned diagnostician.

  3. Hi Merida Mikey, can you send me the contact for your massage therapist? Thanks so much.

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  5. Hi Mikey, I too am wondering if you could send me the massage therapist contact info. I am visiting from the states for only a few days but have hurt my neck sleeping on it wrong. I can't seem to find much online beyond spa massages, which is not really what I'm looking for. Hopefully you get this comment..I'm am enjoying your beautiful city! Thank you
    Email is:

  6. Hello. I'll be in Merida for dental work for approximately one month. Could you please send be the name and contact info. of your massage therapist, or any other that you may know of? Thanks.


  7. We are here in Merida for a month and would love the name of your massage therapist. Many Kind Thanks. p.s. really enjoying your blog !