Friday, March 9, 2012


The new 288 pages of “Road Rules” for the Yucatan contain lots of new information for anyone driving in the Yucatan. You really need to get a copy of the book and the law says you have to have it in your car when driving!

In addition to the new book of road rules, you must have the following items in your vehicle while you are operating it:

1.  A first aid kit

2.  Emergency triangles or “road cones”
 3.  A fire extinguisher

4.  Flashlight (There are specific requirements for what type of flashlight, but I honestly haven’t quite figured this one out as of yet.)
Of course, you must have insurance and supposedly a sticker on your windshield showing that you do, in fact, have insurance. The problem with this is that few, if any, insurance companies are offering this sticker right now! So, the nice police officials at the license renewal office advise that you must have your insurance policy with you.

Your vehicle must also pass an emissions test to make sure you’re not polluting the atmosphere! I somehow think that eventually this part of the new law will eliminate thousands of vehicles from the roads and highways in the Yucatan.

I finally found out where to get this test done. When I renewed my plates back in January, they hadn’t quite set up the inspection stations yet. To the best of my knowledge, there is only one place in the city of Merida that offers this test, and that is the Government building located behind the old city jail. (How appropriate is that!)

When I finally found the place, I was pleased to be the next person in line. Actually, there was no line per se, just two vehicles ahead of me in the process of being tested. The whole process took about 20 minutes and cost 89 pesos. At this particular location, there are only two stations where testing occurs. If ever the lines get long, I can see this easily turning into an all-day affair.

After you pass the test, you pay and they give you a sticker to put on your windshield. I asked where the appropriate location of the sticker should be, and was offered any place, on any window. I opted for the windshield, right lower corner. I’m not sure if this is correct or not, but at least I have the sticker.
So, if stopped at one of the check points around the city, I will be in compliance with the new laws and be street legal. It’s a good feeling.



  1. so is your vehicle Yucatan registered or is it with foreign plates? The law seems unclear on that aspect.


    1. Ray,

      My vehicle was puchased here in the Yucatan, registered here, and has Mexican plates. I'm not sure how it works for vehicles with foreign plates, and I'm not convinced that the authorities know either!

  2. Good grief! The place is turning into California.