Sunday, March 20, 2011


Personally, I am really excited about this bit of news that was recently (March 16, 2011) published in the Tampa Bay Area news media. I recall the original ferry service in 2003, which went “bottoms up”, and the one in 2008 that did the same. I was fortunate to take these trips 6 times before they stopped sailing.

It is tailor made for me. The ferry service leaves Port of Progreso, Yucatan, and arrives in the Port of Tampa, Florida about 36 hours later. Each port is only 30 minutes from my home in Merida, and my condo in St. Petersburg. From Tampa, Florida, to my condo in St. Petersburg, it is a $30.00 limousine ride.

I recall that you could carry almost as much luggage as you could haul, and with no weight restrictions. That may change though. Cost “back then” was $250.00, subsequently increased to $300.00, ROUND TRIP! It included a cabin with private bath and shower, and 2 beds. Quite small, but hey – it was only a 36 hour sail! The round trip fare also included all your meals, served buffet style (of course), and the food was really good!

If you brought your vehicle, that was extra. Lots of folks from the Yucatan did bring their vehicles and upon departing Tampa, headed directly for the areas beautiful beaches and/or Disney World and all the other attractions in the Orlando area, which is about an hours drive away. It was a great thing for us living here in the Yucatan. It was also a very inexpensive vacation for an individual or a large family when compared to air fares and car rentals in the US. In addition to passengers and vehicles, the ferry also accommodated cargo, thus adding to the economy of the Yucatan. Limes were a primary source of cargo, and the shipping company increased their revenue which helped keep passenger fares down.

The ferry was actually quite comfortable and there were many activities to meet everyone’s needs. There were some activities for kids, a disco in the evening, bingo and other cruise ship activities during the day, a full casino, shops, you name it. Just like on a big cruise ship, only scaled down in size, but not spirit. The same is promised for this new adventure.

I’m keeping my eyes and ears open and all my fingers crossed in hopes of learning more about this “probable” adventure! I do so hope this happens


You can read more about the proposed ferry service here: (cut & paste)


  1. Hope you are right, Mikey. It would be great for a lot of people.

  2. We took that ferry in 2003 and loved it. So convenient and enjoyable. Sure hope they bring it back.!!!!!!!

  3. For those of us in the mid-Atlantic region (Virginia), this would be great. It would be worth the extra time to drive to Tampa and pay the fare rather than that long drive to Houston then a 3 day drive through Mexico to getto Merida. Just wondering if they allow you to transport animals.

  4. Does anyone know the name of the new company being developed for this ferry service from tampa to mexico?

    I've heard rumors of a ferry service coming out of New Orleans and Texas, does anyone know about this?

  5. My husband took that ferry from Tampa to Merida. He really liked it and we are looking forward to have Yucatan Express again.

  6. Just found your article about the ferry service. have you heard anything more about it?

  7. pregunta, quiero viajar en ferri desde merida yucatan, tampa florida, realmente de que ciudad sale el ferri y el costo por persona. mi correo, chucholine, saludos gracias, bendiciones

  8. Sorry super new to this but does anyone know of a ferry from Either Tampa or For My to New Orleans?