Monday, November 29, 2010



There sure has been lots of talk lately about airport security, ultra-“violating” x-ray machines, and patting down/fondling by Homeland Security personnel working at airports.

I travel quite frequently, but personally, haven’t had the pleasure of going through this procedure of being x-rayed or patted down. I feel this way about it, those that complain the loudest would be the absolute first in line to again complain even louder about lack of security should some unfortunate situation happen on a flight.

You have to really ask yourself “what price safety and security”? If it means going through a “see-all” x-ray machine or getting patted down and/or fondled, so be it. Gentlemen, just close your eyes and pretend you’re getting a lap dance. (Don’t be overly concerned about who's doing the dancing.) And, don’t make a fool of yourself by trying to hand the inspector a ten dollar bill as a tip! Ladies, just think of it as a pre-flight massage/rub down and fly relaxed during your journey. And, no tipping!

There actually is an alternative to all this. You can book your flight on this new start-up airlines that I’m sure will “take off”!

I say whatever it takes to make the skies safe, I'm OK with it. How about you?


  1. I'm largely with you. It does make flying safer. Fact. Does it make flying a lot safer? Enough to justify the expense? Open to debate. I understand some of the arguments against the scanners, and they are reasonably logical. The 'civil liberties' one isn't one of them though. I really couldn't give a toss who sees a weird xray image of me in the nuddy. Whoever does see it....well the novelty factor will have worn off by the end of the first shift.

    I've heard some pathetic arguments against the scanners though, including 'it's just so PC' and 'we should just be checking the darkies'. They're almost too silly, naive and plain ignorant to be worthy of a response.

  2. I see it as little more than a dog and pony show. Current practice on airplanes is that if some nutjob gets up and tries to hijack the plane, the other folks beat him to a pulp. They got their free bite on 9/11, they are going to need something a little more clever the next time. We always fight the last war. The scanners are a silly waste of time and money.

  3. If they were really serious about airline security you'd arrive at the airport, take a seat in the lobby, fasten your seat belt, and immediately be sedated. The seats could then be wheeled onto the plane, flown to the destination, then offloaded at the other end. You'd wake up, collect your luggage, and off you go. Think of the money saved! No flight attendants, no drinks, no 'food', no crying babies. Just a plane full of snoozing passengers.